Methods of pain relief

The management of methods of pain relief is and will always remain a challenging task for the clinicians. Many a times in spite of understanding the pathophysiology of pain, it becomes extremely difficult to control that pain.

Most of the times the pathophysiology itself, may be shrouded in the mist of uncertain methods of pain relief . However, it is imperative that, one who decides to treat the patient with pain as a primary symptom must devise a plan or a strategy for management.

While devising such a strategy understanding the principles of modalities of treatment and methods of pain relief is the most useful process to be undertaken.

As the pain has a very diverse and wide spectrum, so does its management. In addition, one cannot stop at one stage and be contented.

The ongoing research to improve existing methodologies, to find newer modalities and to optimize these newer modalities becomes very crucial.

Management methodologies can be categorized depending upon which class of the pain is the primary symptom. So depending upon that, one can decide which modality or methods of pain relief will have to be employed.

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