Water soluble propofol prodrug

Propofol phosphate, a water soluble propofol prodrug which is enzymatically converted to propofol, formaldehyde and inorganic phosphate, has been shown to produce sedation and anesthesia.

A vegetarian formulation of propofol, Cleofol, has been used in a patient from the Jam community of India.

Because it contains no lipid vehicles it is devoid of triglyceridaemia and pain on injection. Compared with propofol, this water soluble propofol prodrug has a larger volume of distribution and higher potency.

However, the onset of hypnotic effect is much slower than for propofol and an increase in the context-sensitive half-times occur after prolonged infusions.

And also the effects of formaldehyde and formate (to which the formaldehyde is converted) have not yet been fully investigated in man.


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