Propofol Anticonvulsant

At sub anesthetic doses, propofol anticonvulsant has been effectively used to suppress seizures during refractory status epilepticus, a mechanism, in part, attributed to the inhibition of neuronal sodium channels.

It is effective in most patients, and the side effects are infrequent, of minor severity, and fully reversible. However, high doses of propofol may be necessary in the treatment of refractory status, epileptjcus and vigilant titration of dosage of propofol is necessary under continuous EEG monitoring.

Propofol anticonvulsant possesses antiepileptic properties, presumably reflecting GABA-mediated presynaptic and postsynaptic inhibition of chloride ion channels.

The Propofol anticonvulsant properties can also be used in the induction of anesthesia in a pateint with active seizures or history of epilepsy.

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