Propofol Amnesia

Propofol exhibits dose-dependent effects on memory. Infusions of propofol amnesia for conscious sedation produce concentrations below those required for consistent amnesia.

In the study by Matsuki et al. Propofol and midazolam did not differ in amnesic effects to non-invasive stimuli. However, for invasive stimuli, midazolam showed a stronger amnesic effect at the moderate sedation level, but not at the deeper sedation level.

Propofol amnesia produces profound burst suppression (in high doses) and an increase in beta activity consistently. After lower propofol doses (0.5-1 mg/kg), the number of beta-waves increase, while alpha- and theta-waves decrease significantly.

However, with larger doses of propofol (2- 2.5 mg/kg), the number of beta-waves decrease and delta-waves appear. The amplitudes of all EEG waves increases and are maintained at a higher level after administration of propofol amnesia

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