Phenobarbital Dosage

Phenobarbital dosage include 3 to 5 mg/kg IV, produces rapid induction producing unconsciousness within 30 seconds. Although propofol is becoming the most popular drug for induction of anesthesia for its quick offset from anesthesia, thiopental is still in use due to its low cost in comparison particularly in developing countries.

Phenobarbital dosage still remains the first-choice induction agent for cesarean section. Neonates show lower Apgar and neurobehavioural scores when induction is done with propofol or midazolam than with thiopental.

Phenobarbital dosage is the most satisfactory agent for anesthesia for cardioversion. Thiopental infusion is seldom used to maintain anesthesia because of its long context-sensitive half-time and prolonged recovery period. Rectal thiopental has been tried successfully for paediatric sedation in children undergoing CT imaging because of rapid onset and offset of action.

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