Pentazocine agonist antagonist

Pentazocine agonist antagonist is supposedly capable of producing spinal level analgesia. However, it produces significant sedation, drowsiness.

The drugs which are equidistant to either pure agonists or pure antagonists in the terms of their activity belong to this group, agonists at one receptor and antagonists at another. Two groups of synthetic compounds belong to this group

1. Benzomorphans: Pentazocine, pentazocine agonist antagonist

2. Morphinans: Butorphanol, levorphanol

In addition, due to a stimulation causes dysphoria, hallucinations, diaphoresis and psychomimetic effects (“active thoughts”, depersonalization, and feeling of impending doom).

CVS: Specifically, increased blood pressure, heart rate, and increased pulmonary artery pressure. Biliary spasm is significantly milder as compared to pure agonists.

Due to their effects, especially a mediated effect, the abuse potential is very low; however, physical dependence may be developed on long duration of administration.

Pentazocine agonist antagonist is a drug which was specially designed with the idea to produce a drug with low abuse potential. It is mainly is agonist.

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