Acupuncture physiotherapy pain

Acupuncture physiotherapy pain reduction technique is an ancient Chinese modality used for various chronic painful conditions, in addition to non pain related problems like acute asthma, chronic sinusitis, etc.

The human body has a life force or energy flowing — Chi. This life force is flowing through various channels — Meridians. The life force (Chi) is balanced and counter balanced by two aspects — positive and negative — Yin and Yang.

As long as balance or acupuncture physiotherapy pain equilibrium is maintained in these two aspects, Chi continues to flow through these meridians and good health is maintained. Due to some reasons this equilibrium is disturbed and flow of Chi is interrupted resulting in disease and its manifestations, pain being one of them.

If we can modulate these acupuncture physiotherapy pain meridians at specific points, then we can balance Yin and Yang again to restore the equilibrium resulting in normalization of flow of Chi.

This modulation/manipulation at these points is achieved with help of fine silver needles. These needles are inserted at these points and with help of any of the following acupuncture physiotherapy pain methods stimulation can be done at these meridians, viz:

• Twirling

• Moxibustion

• Electrical stimulation

Moxibustion is burning of small pieces of “Moxa” wood on the top of these needles leading to heat and stimulation.

For providing electrical stimulation, a current of 0.2 Hz frequency is sent by electrode attached to the needle with help of equipment called “Acustim”.

Some of these acupuncture physiotherapy pain principles can be correlated scientifically with endogenous neuromodulators. As has been mentioned, endogenous chemicals are known to modulate perception of pain, as well as affective or psychological response to pain.

Most probably, acupuncture physiotherapy pain stimulation at these various points, may lead to release of endogenous modulators like endorphins, enkephalins, etc.

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