Visual analogue scale for pain intensity

Visual analogue scale for pain intensity is a numerical pain rating scale which uses a 10 cm line with the numbers ranging from 0-10.

Patients points out the number that corresponds to the level of pain they are feeling. The significance of the numbers must be explained to the patient. Intensity of the pain is documented as per scale.

It is used for assessing the level of pain in patients in medical practice.

Visual analogue scale for pain intensity includes a pain intensity scale (SDPIS), 0-10 Numeric Pain Intensity Scale (NPIS), Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Irrespective of whatever the form of assessment scale used, the idea is to get the quantification of the pain experienced by the patient.

Visual analogue scale for pain intensity technique helps in:

i) Getting the clinical understanding of pain especially by young pain managers, nursing staff and related workers.

ii) The uncertainty about “reality”/’‘mythical” existence and non-existence of pain felt by the patient is abolished and they get the benefit of analgesics, and other modalities of pain management.

iii) From the angle of research, it becomes much simpler to have statistical analysis of pain felt, comparison of various modalities of pain relief, and to judge their efficacy suing visual analogue scale for pain intensity .

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