Diazepam uses

Diazepam remains a popular oral drug for preoperative medication of adults and is the benzodiazepine most likely to be selected for management of delirium tremens and treatment of local anesthetic induced seizures. This is considered to be one of the diazepam uses that are very common.

Production of skeletal muscle relaxation by diazepam is often used in the management of lumbar disc disease and tetany.

Midazolam has largely replaced diazepam for IV sedation and the preoperative medication of children.

Diazepam 0.1 mg/kg IV is effective in abolishing seizure activity produced by lidocaine, delirium tremens, and status epilepticus.

The efficacy of diazepam as an anticonvulsant may reflect its ability to facilitate the actions of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, as long it is considered for its variety of diazepam uses .

Diazepam uses itself in inhibiting activity in the limbic system, particularly the hippocampus.


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