AMBU ventilation

AMBU Ventilation is an important part in resuscitation of an apnoeic person or a person who is not breathing. The AMBU of an AMBU bag is an abbreviation for ‘Artificial Manual Breathing Unit’. The AMBU bag is used to ventilate the patient.

An AMBU Ventilation unit consists of one self inflating bag made up of rubber or silicone, Ruben non rebreathing type of valve and a mask. Non breathing valve closes the expiratory port when the bag is manually squeezed letting the air inside the bag to pass to face mask.

During expiration bobbin of valve comes to normal position letting the expired air to void to the atmosphere.

The components of An AMBU Ventilation bag are:

  • Face mask: The face mask can be attached at the patient end of the AMBU bag. The mask can be removed and the bag can be connected to the connected of the Endotracheal tube at this end.
  • Unidirectional valve: This valve prevents the expired air into the bag, thus preventing the expired gases to mix the fresh gases and letting them out.
  • Rubber bag: the maximum volume of an AMBU bag is 1,200ml.
  • Oxygen inlet: The piping from the oxygen souse should be connected at the inlet.
  • Air inlet valve: When no oxygen supply is present, the AMBU ventilation bag uses air to provide the tidal volume, when the bag is pressed.

100% Oxygen can be delivered by attaching oxygen source and Oxygen reservoir to the AMBU bag while performing AMBU Ventilation.


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