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Treatment modalities pain management

Treatment modalities pain management play an important role when dealing with different circumstances which include the following : 1. Treatment of Disease (Cancer) in treatment modalities pain management : After the diagnosis and confirmation, appropriate therapy has to be started, especially for symptom ‘pain’. Symptom like mucositis, dysphagia etc, can be controlled by using local anaesthetics, local application of antifungal in mouth, which will control oral thrush and reduce pain and burning caused by it. 2. Analgesics and Adjuvants in treatment modalities pain management : WHO has provided a ladder for use of analgesics and other adjuvants. 3. Custom opioids in treatment modalities pain management : Like remifentanil (01847084 B), which has been recently introduced, is unique and has unusual pharmacokinetic characteristics: a) As an ester, it is subject to ester hydrolysis by nonspecific … Read entire article »

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